{THIS is a HAPPY life}

isn't it?
I HOPE like I HOPE that MOST of the time, it is....
This girl makes me SO HAPPY.
Angie Blom
She is phenomenally TALENTED & Beautiful.

She has NOT ONLY drawn this ADORABLE neighborhood.
BUT she CREATES splendid projects with it as well.

Look at this BEAUTIFULLY Colored CARD that Angie made.
So Sweet!

This stamp measures approximately 2.5" X 3" - and the sentiment is about 1.5"

Create YOUR beautiful neighborhood when you get this stamps.
THEN SHARE IT WITH US on the Unity Facebook WALL!

We LOVE TO SEE WHAT you make! :) 
Hope you LOVE this one as much as I do.

NEXT WEEK we have a mini "SPOOKY" laundry line.
YOU will love this one as well! :)